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Displayed is a round, seven-player poker table, 61鮠diameter, and constructed of the finest hardwood with a Cherry finish. Seven nickel plated drink holders adorn the one of a kind chip ring perfectly milled to seat casino grade chips. A banding of decorative brass heads inlayed in a hardwood strip highlights the black cushioned armrest. The playing surface consists of a high-density cushion, covered in a plush black, velvet like fabric not used in casinos or mass produced tables. The dining tabletop, which fits securely over the game table, is beautifully finished and guaranteed not to warp. The reed pedestal elegantly compliments the artwork of the entire table.


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羚nt>       Round six-player poker table 61鮠diameter

羚nt>       Constructed of the finest Maple wood with a natural finish.

羚nt>       Six brass drink holds

羚nt>       One-of-a-kind Maple chip ring milled to seat casino grade chips

羚nt>       Banding of decorative brass heads inlayed

羚nt>       Black cushioned armrest

羚nt>       High-density cushioned playing surface

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羚nt>       Dining tabletop which fits securely over the game table

羚nt>       Solid Maple pedestal


Standard Options:


羚nt>        Fabric Colors (Green, Burgundy, Brown, Blue, Black)

羚nt>        Wood Finish (Red Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry, Ebony, Pecan)

羚nt>        Pedestals (Elegant Reed Pedestal, Country Clawfoot Pedestal)

羚nt>        Woodstrip with Inlayed Stainless or Brass Heads

羚nt>        Stainless or Brass Cups

羚nt>        Six, Seven or Eight Player Positions with Cups

羚nt>        Dining Table Top



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